The Best Cup Of Coffee In The World


Coffee brings enjoyment to the very first part of my day… every day.

Then, later in the day, when the time comes to take a break, a nice hot cup of coffee relaxes me. The lurking solitude is stirred with a reprieve from thought and action, and I am transported from my work for a brief but celebrated moment.

Coffee is life juice running through my veins and an obsession feeding my soul.

Coffee is a social tool, like an unspoken expectation at every gathering. Coffee refreshes us, keeps us alert, and warms us when we’re cold. Coffee is a pretty wonderful thing!

Best Flavor!


The taste of a good cup of coffee will make me close my eyes and savor the swallow. With each new green coffee bean, the roasting, the grind and brew, exciting new flavors and feelings rush forward, providing pleasure and enjoyment for all to share.

There is a particular science to coffee, from the agriculture and processing and shipping, to the choice of beans and blending, to the temperatures and times for roasting. The science of tasting or cupping:  it is not a discipline for the bored, lazy, or uninterested.

Because I grow coffee and take a first hand in the processing of the crop and handling and storage of the product, I offer an insider’s look into the production side of the subject. Plus, with more then 50 years of experience in roasting, blending, grinding, and brewing my own coffee, I can offer knowledge and advice on the entire coffee experience from beginning to end.

Huge Advantages in Self Roasting Green Coffee Beans

110202132607-largeRoasting my own green coffee beans gives me huge advantages over others who choose the easier and quicker pre-roasted path to coffee fulfillment. Additionally, the results of my efforts are rewarded in many ways.

The price of Green Coffee Beans is usually about half of what you would pay for a good premium roasted bean. Online pricing is typically less expensive, shipping is reasonable, if not free, and with no sales tax to pay or trips to the market, arm chair coffee buying offers great value.

Self Roasting

Coffee_roasting_in_a_wokSelf roasting provides a freshness unknown to the average coffee drinker. The secret is that the green coffee bean stays fresh for an extended period of time compared to the pre-roasted coffees, which begin aging as soon as they are roasted. By the time we use pre-roasted beans, they are actually quite stale, a feature to which the majority of coffee consumers have grown accustomed, simply from mere ignorance of the finer flavors available.

Self roasting Green Coffee Beans gives you control over your entire coffee experience. We control the beans… whether to use a single origin coffee or perhaps a favorite blend. We control the roasting… we can make our beans as lightly roasted or as dark as we desire… the choice is ours, making each endeavor an adventure of discovery!

Grinding and Brewing

550px-Grind-Coffee-Beans-Without-a-Grinder-Step-1Of course, we also grind our beans as we use them. Those that roast their own Green Coffee Beans also own a stout grinder and can make the grounds as fine or as course as they desire.

Brewing technique is a matter of choice, but those that take the time to roast and grind their own green coffee beans will also use a special brewing method.

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