Wonderful News!

The Absolute Best Cup Of Coffee in the World

My latest book is almost finished.

The Absolute Best Cup Of Coffee

This book is my personal coffee drinking story beginning at the knees of my mother early in life and ending today, a part time coffee grower and processor, and a self roaster of green coffee beans.

OK, people don’t like to read boring stories about someone’s life, but this book is really about coffee and not about me.  It’s an educational text full of information about methods of roasting, brewing, and drinking  coffee… information garnered from life and experience…not from reading and research.

Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone, this book will also educate.  Look for:

  • Some history of coffee home roasting and how we made our discovery
  • The secrets of green beans, home roasting, and brewing
  • Full and complete descriptions of the top coffee beans in the world
  • Exact instructions on roasting green coffee beans
  • Full details on equipment for roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee
  • Tips on buying and storing green coffee beans
  • Exciting recipes and variations for the self roaster

I could go on and on but I want to get back to the writing… I want to get this book finished and available for my readers. You’ll be able to buy this book at Amazon, either the paperback or Kindle version. It should be published by the end of May.

There will be a surprise bonus for readers of this blog and for those that join our list.

Stay Tuned! It won’t be long now.


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