About Us

About Green Coffee Beans Online

We are coffee growers, roasters, and aficionados of home roasted Green Beans for the maximum enjoyment of the coffee . We believe that using green coffee beans and home roasting, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the very best Coffee drinking experience. 

We offer our readers?

We will provide useful Information about growing, processing, shipping, and roasting of green coffee beans. We will include tips and tidbits on the products and equipment needed, plus resources that you might find useful. We will always offer current news items regarding Green Coffee Beans and the enjoyment of the Best Cup Of Coffee in the World

Who am I and what do I have to offer?Coffee is a huge part of My Life!

I am an American but live part time in the Philippines. I own a small coffee farm here and, although it’s more of a hobby then anything, I actively take part in the growing, harvesting, processing, packing and shipping of our crop.

I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for about 55 years now and have tried just about everything there is to try including grocery store products, roasted beans, whole or ground , brewed coffees from truck stop counters to store front cafe’s to every kind of home prepared coffees with every kind of equipment available to home owners.

I ended up at the end of my career, enjoying my retirement with what I consider to be the very best and most enjoyable method and result…. The Best Cup Of Coffee In The World!!!


ChuckChuck Rolfe at coffee farm in Philippines

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3 Responses to About Us

  1. Noe Mateo says:

    I am interested in retiring to the Philippines for 6 months yearly, and using any profits from a coffee farm [8-10 hectares] to fund a small community health clinic. I have the next 6-8 years to figure out where to buy land, how to plant and grow coffee, hiring local labor to harvest it, and setting up the business contacts to process the coffee, and bringing it to market [retailing hopefully]. I would be pleased to find out more about your experience in buying and setting up a hobby farm. My mother is from Tanza Cavite, I was there this past February, and my cousin and I visited Silang and Amadeo to see some coffee farms. I plan on returning to the Philippines in February 2014 for the next Philippine-Minnesotan Medical Association medical mission. Thank you for your consideration.

    • admin says:

      Hi Noe,
      Sorry for the tardy reply… I’ve been traveling again.
      I’ve got some things you might be interested in. There is a lot of opportunity right now for people who love coffee
      and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get some work done.
      I’d like to make contact with you and talk about some of these and I will send you an email.
      Thanks for your interest and good luck!

    • admin says:

      Hi Noe,

      Thanks for visiting our site and for your comment.

      I spent quite a bit of time in Cavite and you’ll see some videos on the site about that trip. I loved it there and it seems to be the ‘Coffee’ capital of the Philippines although there is a lot of coffee all over the darned place.

      My activity will be mostly in Mindanao and my ‘spot’ is in the mountains outside of Lebak (coastal town about two hours from Cotabato City.)

      Our coffee is grown at about 3,500 + feet, in the shade, cool nights, and fairly long season. (Kinda like Jamaican Blue Mountain.) All hand picked as it ripens, and dried on a slab and processed in town by a guy that pretty much kisses Nestle’s behind.

      The growers are mostly natives and don’t get paid very well. Most of the money is made by the processor and Nestle.

      My idea is to bring a processing machine to the mountains and create an opportunity for the natives and small farmers to get a better shake for their hard labor.

      To do this I need to purchase and install a processing machine. It will need a slab and shelter and electricity. I have a lot with an existing shed that I’m trying to buy and I can put in a generator with the machine.

      I’m trying to raise the money to set this all up this year to be ready for the 2013 season. I think I’ll need about $10k to get the equipment in place and ready to go.

      The lot with the shed is already in the works and I am also planting about 1,000 new Arabica trees this year… we have way too many Robusta trees up there.

      If you’re interested in Mindanao just contact me at this site and we can talk. We’d love to have you visit us when you’re in the country.

      BTW, it’s perfectly safe here and we can meet you at the airport in Cotabato and escort you to Lebak. We have some nice clean and modern and air conditioned hotels here.

      Or, you can sleep in the jungle with us. Ha!

      Hope to talk to you soon.


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